Twitch streamer falls for classic prank from trolling donation messages

Virginia Glaze
Twitch: WoodysGamerTag

Popular Twitch streamer and YouTuber “WoodysGamerTag” fell victim to one of the internet’s most classic memes during a November 29 broadcast – and the best part is, he had no idea he’d even been trolled.

If you’re an internet regular, you’ve likely heard of the net’s popular pranks that involve such turns of phrase as “sugondees,” “ligma,” and “sawcon,” among others (likely a descendant of the timeless “updog”).

These phrases, meant to bait unfortunate victims into saying less-than-savory expressions at their own (often humorous) expense, have become a near-viral sensation as of late – and one Twitch streamer fell prey to two of them in under 60 seconds’ time.

WoodysGamerTag, YouTubePopular YouTuber and Twitch streamer “WoodysGamerTag” fell for some of the net’s most basic pranks in a hilarious way.

Broadcaster “WoodysGamerTag” was in the middle of a Jedi: Fallen Order stream when he received two donations that took advantage of his ignorance of the phrases, one of which framed the practical joke as a tip for the game.

“For real, why don’t you get some cool skills right after this planet?” the donation read. “When you reach ‘sugondees.’ There, you really start branching out into cool Jedi skills.”

Electronic ArtsWoodysGamerTag was in the middle of a Jedi: Fallen Order stream when he got baited by two humorous donation messages.

Seemingly unaware of the prank, Woody continued his playthrough, giving the donator a distracted, “Gotcha,” in response.

That’s not all: a second donator continued the joke, playing on his unique side hobby of woodworking, which led to a hilariously wholesome answer from the oblivious streamer.

“Woody, when you were into woodworking, did you go to SawCon?” the donator asked.

“I don’t think so,” Woody replied in a genuinely innocent tone. “I don’t think I’ve heard of SawCon. I went to some – I went to two or three things, but they were all kinda local in North Carolina. But I don’t know SawCon.”

Thankfully, the streamer was finally made aware of the joke, after another donator wrote, “SawCon on these nuts” – but it remains to be seen if Woody actually realized the phrase was a total joke or not.

With streamers like “Pokimane” getting baited by Twitch’s classic “knocking prank,” it seems that audiences continue to have humorously wholesome relationships with their favorite personalities – although this one takes the proverbial cake of internet jokes.