Twitch streamer bursts into tears after David Dobrik unexpectedly hosts her channel

Connor Bennett
Twitch streamer BrookeGivesHugs side-by-side with David Dobrik

A small Twitch streamer and David Dobrik fans was left in tears after the YouTuber decided to raid them with thousands of viewers.

Over the last few years, David Dobrik has risen up the ranks of YouTube with his entertaining, quick-hit vlogs that contain a rotating cast of characters. 

After conquering YouTube, Dorbik has moved into other spaces too – having an extremely popular podcast, being massive on TikTok, and he’s even started to move into playing games on Twitch. As such, he’s got a huge fanbase.

The YouTuber regularly gives back to his viewers with charitable videos, but after finishing up his February 20 Twitch stream, he decided to make one streamer’s wish come true as he sent his viewers over to them. 

David Dobrik gift 5 teslas
Dobrik’s content commonly sees him giving away insane gifts to fans and friends.

After a short stream, Dobrik was on the lookout for someone to send his viewers to when he stumbled across BrookeGivesHugs – a small streamer and a massive fan of his.

Even though she was in a tense game of Warzone, Brooke’s chat started to fill up with messages from fellow Dobrik fans, and she freaked out in excitement.

“Wait, what, no! I just got raided by David Dobrik guys, I just raided by David f**king Dobrik,” she yelled, clearly overwhelmed with emotion. “I’m shaking, I’m shaking. David f**king Dobrik, thank you. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh.”

The streamer did her best to keep playing, but it was a bit hard to focus. She hid in a corner and let her emotions wash over her, breaking out into tears. 

“I’m literally so happy, I love you guys so much. I’m not even worried about my game right now,” Brooke added, wiping away tears. “Thank you David f**king Dobrik. David Julian Dobrik you are the best.”

As Brooke noted, the one way it could have been better would have been if everyone was around for her unboxing of new Dobrik merch.

Either way, it was a magical moment for the streamer that she’ll remember forever.

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