Ludwig teases how much money Twitch bounties pay just to play a game on stream

Ludwig side-by-side with moneyTwitch: Ludwig/Unsplash

Twitch streamer Ludwig Ahgren teased his viewers with a ridiculous figure to play Legends of Runeterra after noticing he had a bounty for the first time in a while.

Typically, streamers have been able to earn their money through building up a large fanbase who then subscribe, donate cash, use Twitch’s Bits service, and even help them get sponsors.  

Aside from that, they can also make money through Twitch’s adverts and bounty systems – with the latter giving them a game to play or advert to plug for a certain amount of time. 

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As Ludwig has revealed before, these bounties can net streamers a pretty penny for an hour or so of work, and he did it again when he got his first bounty in a while.

ludwig ahgren twitch streamerInstagram: ludwigahgren
Ludwig is seeing a lot of success and is only set to grow throughout 2021.

During his February 19 stream, the former Smash Bros pro had been chatting to viewers when he noticed that he had a bounty on offer from Twitch for the first time in two months.

“I have a bounty for Legends of Runeterra. They could not pay me enough to play that game,” Ludwig said. “That’s the first bounty I’ve seen in two months. I’m starved, there’s no shot.”

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A fan asked how much the bounty was worth and even though Ludwig said he wasn’t allowed to say because of his contract, he did find a way around that. The streamer threw up $4,000 using his hand while still playing up the secrecy of it all. 

The moment was slightly different from the last time Ludwig leaked his bounty, when he just left the bounty page up on his screen, revealing that he could make $7,200 for his time. 

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Seeing as he’s done it before, the former Smash pro isn’t likely to get in trouble with Twitch for doing so, but it just goes to show, once again, how lucrative streaming can be once you’ve got a fanbase and are dedicated to it.

Ludwig himself has grown rapidly in late 2020 and into 2021, gaining over 750,000 followers in the last three months.

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