Twitch streamer banned indefinitely for “sexual content” in Ultimate Fishing broadcast

Michael Gwilliam
Twitch Streamer banned for sexual content in fishing broadcast

Twitch streamer Sara ‘ih3artpew Heart is hitting out at the Amazon-owned platform for banning her for “sexual content” just minutes into a game of Ultimate Fishing.

Streaming platform Twitch is once again under fire for banning a streamer for sexual content despite the creator insisting they did nothing wrong.

On August 22, streamer Sara Heart went live to play Ultimate Fishing when her stream ended abruptly due to a ban, which ended up being indefinite.

In a post on social media, Heart explained the situation and revealed what she was wearing prior to the ban, which completely caught her off guard.

Streamer blasts Twitch for banning her over “sexual content”

According to Heart, she had been live for just three minutes while wearing a long-sleeve shirt that showed some cleavage when she was hit with a Twitch ban.

“I was playing Ultimate Fishing and wearing this. I hadn’t even been streaming for more than 3 minutes,” she explained. “Please explain to me how fishing in a long sleeve shirt is sexual somehow.”

Speaking with Dexerto, Heart said this was her third Twitch ban and shared an email she received stating that due to the “severe nature of this violation” she had been suspended indefinitely.

“Nothing was sexualized,” she stressed. “I mean, I know I have cleavage, but with a large chest, it’s kind of hard to not have some and I’m in Arizona. It’s hot as f**k here.”

twitch ban
Sara Heart has been banned from Twitch over “sexual content.”

“I don’t know if I’m expected to dress like a nun, to never wear a tank top or what, but my game screen is usually larger than the cam, and other than the July 4th stream I did with a patriotic top and jean jacket, I dress pretty tame,” the streamer continued.

This is hardly the first time a streamer’s regular clothes have gotten them in trouble. Back in 2020, Overwatch streamer Fareeha received a warning for wearing “lingerie” despite just being in her gym clothes.

Heart still has the option to appeal her Twitch ban, but she says the “unrelenting amount of bans” have driven her to stream on platforms where she won’t be punished for “having a large chest.”

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