Twitch streamer perma-banned for sexual content after playing “meme dance” video

Jacob Hale
dariusirl twitch streamYouTube: Darius IRL

A Twitch streamer has been left stunned after receiving an indefinite suspension after playing a “meme dance” video — with the platform saying it broke the rules for “sexually explicit content.”

While Twitch is most commonly known for gaming streams and esports tournaments, it plays host to all kinds of weird and wacky streams and categories.

IRL and reaction streams have become incredibly common, for example, with broadcasters being more in touch with their viewers throughout the stream.

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This means that there’s always going to be some varied content, and unexpected moments coming from these streams — and now one seemingly-harmless video reaction has caused streamer Darius IRL to cop a perma-ban on the Amazon-owned platform.

Taking to Twitter to vent his frustrations, Darius called out the platform’s “ridiculous algorithmic bans,” and bemoaned yoga streamers being allowed to have “dedicated a*s cams.”

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The video he watched depicted a man dancing in a sexually suggestive manner, though intended to be more humorous than actually sexual.

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Darius went on to say that “maybe this platform just isn’t for me,” adding that “After I get unbanned from Twitch I’m probably going to heavily reconsider continuing to stream again.”

While the email says that Darius’ suspension is indefinite, he doesn’t foresee it being a legitimately permanent ban — but he might not even want to return anyway by the looks of it.

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