What is ‘A Day off Twitch’? Why streamers are striking to protest

A Day off Twitch movement logoTwitter: RekItRaven

The #ADayOffTwitch boycott is set to take place on September 1, but what is it and who is taking part? 

For the longest time, Twitch and its creators have butted heads on a wide-ranging number of topics – be it the payout split of subscribers, automatic adverts during broadcasts, or a lack of communication from the top-down. 

In the back end of 2021, another new problem has arisen in the form of hate raids. These botted raids see bot accounts go into a streamer’s channel and start to spew slurs and vile language throughout the chat. 

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While some big streamers have been hit with hate raids, they typically fall on smaller, marginalized streamers – many of whom are a part of the LGBTQ+ community. After a rise in these raids, streamers are taking a stand.

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Streamers are furious at the amount of hate raids on Twitch.

When is the #ADayOffTwitch protest?

Many creators have called on Twitch to make significant changes to combat these hate raids, but there hasn’t been much done yet. That has led to the ‘Day Off Twitch’ protest from some streamers. 

The #ADayOffTwitch idea was spawned by Twitch streamers RekItRaven, ShineyPen, and Lucia Everblack who suggested that streamers don’t stream on September 1 as a result of the growing number of hate raids. 

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Their suggestion was quickly picked up by a number of other streamers too, who went as far as suggesting that viewers also join in by not watching any stream on the platform come September 1. 

Who is joining A Day Off Twitch?

Plenty of streamers who have pledged to give their backing to the movement are joining in by taking the day off, and encouraging their viewers to do so. 

That includes the likes of Scottish comedian Limmy, YouTube collective Kinda Funny, ASMR YouTuber turned streamer Gibi, and Yogscast member Squid.

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Of course, not everyone is sure about the protest or what it’ll achieve given that there have been similar ones before it that have achieved next to nothing.

MMO star Asmongold said he’d “do it in a heartbeat” if other big streamers joined in, but stated that “nobody gives a f**k” about those who have signed up and started the movement. 

As the date gets closer, more streamers may hop aboard and decide to take the day off, but that remains to be seen.

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It also remains to be seen if the movement will have any success, but there are plenty of streamers and fans alike who are begging for Twitch to do something about the bot raids.

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