Twitch streamer accuses tourist of groping her during live broadcast

Michael Gwilliam
gonsabellla allegedly groped on twitchTwitch/gonsabellla

Spanish Twitch streamer and influencer Isabella Gonzalez has filed a police report after a tourist allegedly groped her during a live broadcast.

Gonzalez, otherwise known by her Twitch name of ‘Gonsabellla’ was streaming from a bar earlier this month when a man reportedly put his hands on her.

Footage from the broadcast showed a man in a black NBA Hornets jersey sitting behind the influencer when he was spotted appearing to put his hands on Gonsabellla’s bottom.

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“Eh, don’t touch,” she snapped according to translations by The Daily Star. “He grabbed me by my trousers, I don’t know whether to look at my bottom or my knickers or what… what a degenerate.”

The man’s friends then apologized right away on his behalf, but his antics made the streamer feel like she was a “performing monkey” and ended up taking action.

Spanish influencer reports man after alleged groping on Twitch

After leaving the bar, Gonzalez stated that the men were quite drunk and debated going to the police to report the inappropriate and unwanted touching.

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“I don’t think what’s just occurred is something that I can report to the police, let’s not get over-dramatic but you don’t have to touch anyone,” she said at the time. “It’s not an excuse but at least the person with him has said ‘sorry’ because he realized the other guy went over the top.”

However, she ended up revealing on social media that she decided to contact the cops and made a formal complaint.

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“They told me I did the right thing by reporting it but that it’s going to be difficult to take the appropriate measures because they don’t have more details of the man in question other than what you see in the video,” she explained. “They said they would tell me if they had any update.”

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