Twitch streamer 39daph apologizes for anti-white racism in Twitter post

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Twitch streamer 39daph has apologized for anti-white racism after comments she made in her offline chat went viral that included the use of racial slurs.

At the beginning of 2022, multiple chat logs showed 39daph using racial slurs in her offline Twitch chat begun making their way around the internet.

In a Twitlonger posted on February 22, 39daph pointed out a few things she spotted that were wrong with the chat logs.

She also admitted that she was wrong for using the racial slurs, and apologized to anybody she hurt by using them.

39Daph banned from twitch

39daph apologizes for use of racial slurs on Twitch

In the message, 39daph explained that she was ignorant of the meanings of the words she used, and thought that they weren’t offensive a the time.

“I thought wrongly it was fine to poke fun at because I believed white people were privileged and do not face systemic racism, and the discrimination from these slurs was just a bad jab,” she said.

Daph also mentioned that the initial chat log that was spread around the community was edited to make it look like she was directly calling somebody a slur.

“A few things I’d like to address in the logs, the timestamps appear rearranged and cut out of context to look like I was calling someone a slur, but I was not,” she said.

“I was answering someone’s question “what is the c-word”, and enumerating slurs from this screenshot of made-up slurs I thought sounded ridiculous.”

Ending the message, she apologized for the comments made during that time and that she “will not be using that kind of language.”

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