Twitch removes NymN’s ‘booba’ emote for sexual content

NymN emote ban TwitchInstagram: nymion

Twitch streamer NymN has been left shocked and confused after Twitch decided to remove his ‘booba’ emote for sexual content.

For a lot of streamers, interacting with their community is one of the best parts of being a personality on Twitch. While the majority of viewers use donations and the chat to type messages, they can also use special emotes.

These emotes vary from creator to creator, with each streamer having their own personalized emotes that mean different things.

Despite this, if Twitch thinks an emote is inappropriate or breaches any of their terms of service, they’ll immediately remove it from the platform.

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Well, that’s exactly what’s happened to NymN’s ‘booba’ emote, and it has left him scratching his head over why it’s been flagged for sexual content.

NymN emote banInstagram: nymion
NymN has over 250,000 followers on Twitch.

NymN left confused after Twitch ban his ‘booba’ emote

Taking to Twitter on August 17, NymN revealed to his audience that Twitch had banned his ‘booba’ emote. According to the platform, it contained sexual imagery that fell under the category of a gasm-style emote that breached the rules.

Of course, this left a lot of his viewers confused over which aspects of the emote had been flagged.

While some assumed it was a result of the emote’s name, and others even said it could be due to its implications, the majority couldn’t get their head around why it had been banned. You can check out Twitch’s statement below:

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“Reason: Disallowed content – Imagery of sexual content or nudity, i.e “Gasm”-style emotes which contain sexualized torsos or bodily fluids.”

Of course, a lot of NymN’s community were not happy about the news and were clearly frustrated that Twitch has taken action against the emote, with one writing: “What?? That has to be a mistake on their end? Right?”

Another even made the comparison with Kreygasm, arguing that if NymN’s emote has been removed, that should be too: “Kreygasm is a global emote yet they ban other gasm emotes?”.

For now, NymN hasn’t revealed whether he’s going to appeal the removal or just carry on without the ‘booba’ emote in his chat.

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This certainly isn’t the first time Twitch has frustrated a creator by removing emotes and it’s likely it won’t be the last.