Twitch hate raids return in massive wave of attacks on LGBTQIA+ streamers

Twitch hate raidsUnsplash/Twitch

Twitch hate raids have returned, this time with a wave of attacks focusing on the platform’s LGBTQIA+ streamers. 

In August 2021, Twitch was under fire from its creators as they demanded a stronger response to the ongoing hate raid harassment. It quickly evolved into the #TwitchDoBetter movement, which led to #ADayOffTwitch less than a month later.

Twitch released phone verification in September 2021, their first feature meant to combat bot accounts that were being used in the hate raids.

However, they have returned to the platform with a focus on LGBTQIA+ creators — but this time, the streamers have already found the source. Here’s everything we know, as well as a few steps to help combat it.

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Twitch hate raids on LGBTQIA+ streamers

On March 10, Twitch streamers began taking to Twitter to talk about the hate raid going around creators using the LGBTQIA+ tag.

According to ‘EarthtoBre’ they spammed hateful messages in another creator’s chat, tried to spam similar messages in their Discord, and streamed the entire event on another platform called CozyTV.

Popular Twitch streamer Blizzb3ar was affected by the harassment as well, receiving the hate raid during a sponsored stream.