Bryce Hall responds to rumors of drug abuse after his roast

YouTube: Bryce Hall

In a reaction video to his roast session, Bryce Hall claimed that he “does not do coke,” after being accused of substance abuse by his rumored girlfriend, Josie Canesco.

TikTok star Bryce Hall has earned himself the status of one of the bad boys of the internet, with his rise through the TikTok ranks earning him an elite influencer status.

Hall is most closely associated with TikTok, where he has over 21 million followers, but more recently has started to refer to himself as a “YouTuber,” amssing over 3.5 million subscribers on the video streaming platform.

The roast was originally set to include Jason Nash, Adam Wassabi, Jeff Wittek, Josie Canseco, Josh Richards, Tana Mongeau, and Nick ‘Jonah’ Antonyan as the “roasters,” with Wittek dropping out last minute due to drama between him and David Dobrik.

Bryce Hall reacts to substance abuse claims

In a video posted to Hall’s YouTube channel on March 10, the 22-year-old reacted to cut clips from the roast including one clip of his rumored girlfriend Josie Canseco allegeing the TikToker has drug abuse problems.

“Speaking of partying, I’ve seen Bryce sniff out more cocaine than a K-9 at the airport,” Canseco said.

Hall was not impressed by this particular roast, although did admit “everyone loved that joke,” sarcastically. He was quite to dispute the claim, however.

“That is not f**king true, I don’t do coke,” Hall said, “I like shotgun energy drinks, and that’s why I’m always so jittery and s**t.”

In addition to Canseco’s drug abuse statement, the model also went on to expose Josh Richards for “sliding” into her Dms, while having her “thing” with Hall.

“Kinda f**ked up considering what happened to him,” the 22-year-old responded.

While the roast of Bryce Hall recived an emence amount of criticism from both fans and creators, it still recived just over a million views on YouTube.