Frazier Kay reveals how much Save the Kids NFT scandal cost him

Calum Patterson
Frazier kay save the kids cryptoYouTube: Frazier Kay

Former FaZe Clan member Frazier Kay was removed from the org and slammed by fans following his involvement in ‘Save the Kids’, a crypto project that was later accused of being a rug pull. Kay claims the fallout from the scam has cost him up to $500,000.

In July 2021, Kay was released from FaZe, while his brother Jarvis was suspended, along with Teeqo and Nikan for their involvement in Save the Kids. The org said they “had absolutely no involvement with our member’s activity in the cryptocurrency space.”

Kay responded approximately a month later, and although admitting his involvement was irresponsible, he largely blamed Sam Pepper, a content creator who had been working as FaZe’s head of content at the time. Kay said he trusted Sam on the Save the Kids “disaster.”

FaZe Kay Addresses SaveTheKids Crypto ScamYouTube: Kay
FaZe Kay was kicked from FaZe Clan due to his involvement in the Save the Kids scandal.

At the time, Kay also committed to paying back everyone who lost money on the project, also revealing that he had personally lost $37,000, and that no FaZe member had profited from it.

In the latest Dexerto Originals, Kay has now opened up on exactly how much those refunds cost him.

According to Kay, the total amount sent in refunds amounts to $400,000–500,000. “I think what differentiates me from what people call a ‘scammer’, is I paid everybody back. In USD, it was probably close to four, five hundred thousand.”

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Dexerto was able to corroborate at least $250,000 left Kay’s account, although could not verify the recipients.

Of course, in addition to the financial losses, Kay’s biggest loss was perhaps his position in FaZe Clan. Although it seems unlikely he will ever be able to return, Kay said he would like to return someday.

Regardless, he plans to continue creating content on his various channels, alongside his brother and longtime collaborator Jarvis – who is now also pursuing a boxing career.