Twitch council member CohhCarnage pushing for major change to bans

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As a member of the Twitch Safety Advisory Council, streamer Ben ‘CohhCarnage’ Cassell has explained one major change he wants to make following the confusing ban of World of Warcraft streamer Mohamed ‘Ziqo’ Beshir.

On January 19, Ziqo revealed that he would not be streaming for a few days due to a Twitch suspension, but was clearly a bit confused by what had happened, unaware of the reason for his ban.

Shortly after, Ziqo revealed that he had learned the reason for his suspension: using hateful speech and slurs, deducing himself that he believed that they were accusing him of using a homophobic slur.

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While the WoW veteran didn’t fully understand what he must have said or done to cause the suspension, he accepted it and his account was restored on January 26.

With a number of fans of different streamers questioning the bans being handed out to streamers, the conversation around Twitch suspensions is growing increasingly more confusing for some, but CohhCarnage has come up with a simple fix.

Saying that Ziqo’s ban reversal was “great to hear,” Cohh added that the issue should have been “fixed in minutes,” calling on Twitch to “come up with policies where people given false bans get front page time for the time they lost.”

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He followed up saying that one huge problem is Twitch not including account managers in the process. He tweeted: “If that account manager was given the clip, he could have shown it to Ziqo. Ziqo could have said, ‘No, I didn’t say that. I said this.’ Problem solved.”

In a later follow-up tweet, Cassell responded to someone asking whether his role on the Twitch Safety Advisory Council has resulted in any changes behind the scenes.

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While he couldn’t go into specifics, Cohh mentioned that he is “pushing for this exact thing to be handled exponentially better than it is right now.”

Of course, in his role with Twitch, fans will be hoping this means more positive changes to how bans are handled, especially with situations such as Ziqo’s that seem to confuse just about everyone.

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