Asmongold believes Twitch shouldn’t ban streamers unless they break the law

Shay Robson
Asmongold looking shocked

Twitch star Asmongold has revealed he believes the platform shouldn’t ban streamers for breaking the rules in games unless they actually break the law.

Twitch’s rules and terms of service are quite vast. While there are some grey areas in its community guidelines, the platform outlines precisely what is and isn’t allowed on the site.

Of course, the platform is relatively strict when it comes to violence, sexual content, and hateful conduct. However, the community guidelines also state that it’s against the rules to break a specific game’s terms of service.

With that said, a World of Warcraft streamer by the name of TinyViolin69 was recently hit with a Twitch ban after he sabotaged his fellow guild members during a raid — breaking the developer’s terms of service.

However, according to streaming star Asmongold, creators shouldn’t be punished by the platform for what they do in a game unless they’re breaking the law.

Asmongold says Twitch shouldn’t ban creators unless they break the law

During his July 23 live stream, the Twitch streamer reacted to TinyViolin69’s ban, where he hit out at the platform’s decision, before saying he believes nobody should be banned unless they break the law.

“I don’t think that anybody should get banned for anything unless things that are like against the law,” he said. “Like if Blizzard has a problem with him doing that they can give him the Tyler1 treatment.”

He continued: “Ban any account that he’s on and do that, but they don’t. So like how is it Twitch’s responsibility to make this decision?”

Asmongold then went off on a viewer, who commented on how in TinyViolin69’s case he had a lot of issues, with the chatter claiming “narcissism” was his biggest problem.

“Wait so you think he should get banned because he’s a narcissist?” Asmon hit back. “What the f**k are you talking about, are you delusional? What are you talking about?”

He added: “What, he trolled people in a video game, who cares? Like, It doesn’t really matter.”

According to the tracking site StreamerBans, a total of 152 Twitch partners have been banned from the platform in the past 30 days, all for various reasons.

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