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Veteran WoW streamer has Twitch ban overturned after week of confusion

Published: 26/Jan/2021 3:40 Updated: 26/Jan/2021 3:41

by Julian Young


Update (Monday, January 26 – 7 PM PT): After almost a week-long ban on Twitch, Ziqo’s account was restored on January 26. Unfortunately, the popular streamer still has no idea why the ban came through in the first place.

“I’m free, thank you so much everyone,” he shared shortly after regaining access to his Twitch profile. Six days and six hours later, his first ban on the streaming platform was rescinded, though the situation was still just as confusing.

“I was never given any context, I was never given a clip,” he added in a follow-up YouTube video. “I was ignored in every attempt at trying to find out why I’d been banned. I feel like I haven’t been heard. This is my first suspension ever, I just want to make sure that my side of the story is heard.”

With the outpouring of support from the community, Ziqo’s case became a hot topic. “Eventually, it gained a lot of traction and I received a response [from Twitch].

“After reviewing this enforcement, we have determined that [the ban] was issued incorrectly,” the statement from Twitch explained. Despite the punishment being reverted, there was still no reason provided as to what caused the ban in the beginning.

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On January 19, World of Warcraft creator Mohamed ‘Ziqo’ Beshir announced he would be unable to stream for several days. He later confirmed his account was suspended by Twitch, but claimed the ban came without explanation or warning.

A long-time World of Warcraft content creator and caster, Ziqo is a respected voice in the community and go-to channel for many PVP players. Known for streams and videos showing off his skill as a Mage, he become a staple of the game’s PVP scene over the years.

With tens of thousands of subscribers across his Twitch and YouTube channels, and time spent signed to respected organizations like Cloud9, Ziqo has amassed a dedicated following of fans and the respect of his fellow WoW creators.

Now Ziqo finds himself in a situation where he can’t stream “for some days,” but didn’t have any other details to share at the time. Two days later he confirmed his Twitch account was suspended until January 27, and also claimed the platform never provided a reason for his ban.

Support from fans and creators filled Twitter and Reddit. Fellow WoW streamer Nick ‘nmplol’ Polom asked if Twitch gave a reason for the ban, and Ziqo responded “Nope, zero transparency so far.” Ziqo also discussed how these events had affected him: “I feel like a criminal, I have nightmares about it.”

The creator then explained how went back to his old streams to find something that might explain the ban. “I keep replaying my streams over in my head grasping for straws,” he said. He was unable to pinpoint a reason for the ban, and said “I really feel so bad right now left in the dark.”

Ziqo YouTube Wow Mage Gameplay
YouTube / C9 Ziqo
Ziqo’s high-skill gameplay as a Mage earned him the respect of WoW’s PVP community.

Ziqo banned for ‘hateful speech and slurs’

Shortly after announcing the news, Ziqo put out a video on YouTube where he revealed he had since heard from Twitch that the suspension was for 7 days for breaking Twitch TOS by “using a hateful slur during a VOD.”

Despite informing him where he could appeal the suspension, Twitch could not point him to a specific clip or instance where Ziqo was caught breaking TOS, according to him.

“They told me it could be anything, honestly. In that policy it could be that I did a “hateful” symbol, it could be because I was stretching and they said ‘that’s a Nazi symbol, you’re banned,'” the streamer speculated. “It could be I left my chat open in WoW and somebody said something, it could be I said something. I highly doubt that since I never say these things in general, but it could be, I’m open to the possibility, maybe I slipped up.

The platform’s policies on banning streamers have been criticized by the community many times for their ambiguity, and it seems this is just another case to add to the ever-expanding file.

One big problem with the way Ziqo feels his suspension has been handled is that since Twitch hasn’t told him exactly what it is that got him banned, he can’t look out for it and avoid it in the future. Either way, he says he plans on returning to stream as soon as his suspension ends.


HAchubby reveals HAchuMart convenience store struggles after Twitch success

Published: 25/Feb/2021 6:22

by Andrew Amos


Korean Twitch star HAchubby won people’s hearts over with her shifts at a convenience store. Now, she owns her very own HAchuMart. However, it didn’t come without its fair share of challenges, which she opened up about on February 24.

From an Emart to HAchuMart, popular Korean Twitch streamer HAchubby has carved out a niche with her content following her mundane life working at a convenience store.

After quitting her old job due to concerns about privacy, she decided to become her own boss by opening up her own convenience store in Busan, South Korea. It was a spur of the moment decision, but once her mind was made, she was resolved to do it for her viewers.

HAchubby opening HAchuMart store
Twitch: HAchubby
HAchubby opened her own convenience store in January 2021.

I lost a big part of my stream and my life. And my viewers lost something they enjoyed to watch every weekend. I didn’t really want to quit this job because it kept me connected to the real world,” she said in a February 24 video, talking about leaving her previous job.

“So I promised the viewers, don’t worry, we will have our own convenience store next year. I was crazy. I promised that I didn’t think well enough. I didn’t think about costs, staff, or location. I just said I was going to do it.”

Now, HAchuMart is open and free for anyone to visit ⁠— well, if you can make it to South Korea. The cute little market features a bunch of HAchubby’s favorite items. However, it was truly a community endeavor, with her stream helping her out along the way.

“Since then everyone was looking forward to it, a lot of people sent me cheering messages. Some viewers even supported me with donations,” she said.

“I asked my viewers to help me [design the store]. A lot of them shared their ideas, gave feedback, and worked on creative new designs. I made a lot of designs with my viewers, including the logo, uniform, and even the ice cream box. I’m thankful to everyone who helped me make it. I don’t think I’d be able to make it on my own.”

Between trying to stick to a 2020 deadline, dealing with lockdowns, and not even having an ounce of business experience, it was a tough time for HAchubby. But now, her dreams have been realized, and she’s so happy for all the support from friends and family along the way.

“This was my first business ever, and I thought it would be hard for me to do it. I still can’t believe how many people decided to help. It was a miracle. It was very busy, but I was lucky enough to have family and friends to help me.

“I really achieved what I had dreamed of. This is not just another convenience store. HAchuMart is the result of many people working together to make a dream come true.

“It all started with a girl streaming her part-time job, and with the support of the viewers, family, and friends, this girl now has her own convenience store.”