Twitch cooking streamer discovers one song Alexa won’t play

twitch streamer baffled by alexa songTwitch/henlips1

Comedian and chef Henry Phillips was cooking on Twitch when he was suddenly trolled by Alexa by not letting him play his favorite song.

Phillips was in the middle of baking during a December 4 Twitch broadcast when he started talking about his Discord server and how some fans weren’t able to hear his favorite song.

Wanting his viewers to be able to experience the song for themselves, the streamer asked Alexa to set a timer for his food and play his song.

“Alexa, play Dave Grusin – Mountain Dance,” the streamer requested, only to be met with a long series of credits that completely killed the mood.

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Twitch streamer “trolled” by Alexa after requesting song

Once the song was requested, instead of simply playing it, Alexa kept on naming off everyone involved in the making of the tune.

“There’s a lot of people that made this song. I guess they’re listing off a lot of the orchestra,” he theorized. “The song itself is not very long, but I guess a lot of people worked on it. I think our mushrooms are gonna be ready by the time she’s done.”

Eventually, after what seemed like an eternity, a song played, but it ended up being the wrong one.

“Alexa, stop! That’s not even the song I was thinking of!” he exclaimed. To make matters worse, Alexa didn’t even set his timer on the food he was cooking.

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Given DMCA rules, it’s probably for the best that the song didn’t end up playing, but it seems like anyone trying to listen to Mountain Dance by Dave Grusin is going to have a hard time when asking Alexa to play it.

But hey, if you’re a big fan of credits, it’s certainly quite the banger.