Twitch attempt to recruit YouTube Live streamer, forgetting they'd previously banned him - Dexerto

Twitch attempt to recruit YouTube Live streamer, forgetting they’d previously banned him

Published: 5/Oct/2018 16:59

by Matt Porter


Twitch have attempted to offer a partnership to a YouTube Live streamer, seemingly forgetting that they had previously banned him.

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Vexxed, who regularly streams on YouTube after his ban, received an email from a Twitch employee who claimed to come across his channel while browsing YouTube Live.

The email stated that Twitch would be interested in discussing why Vexxed was streaming on YouTube instead of Twitch, and whether he would be interested in entering into a partnership with the popular streaming service. There is one problem, however. Vexxed was banned from Twitch in early 2018!

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Vexxed was banned back in March for breaking Twitch’s Terms of Service for allegedly showing nudity on his channel, an accusation that the streamer vehemently denies.

The incident that got Vexxed banned showed the streamer changing his jeans without realising his stream is live. However, Vexxed was never actually nude on stream, and Vexxed still feels like his ban was unjust.

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While this may seem to be a comical error, the streamer failed to find the funny side of the email, tweeting: “This has to be the most ironic email I’ve ever received. This is salt in the wound. This definitely hurts to see.”


While Vexxed’s fans saw this an opportunity for the streamer to get unbanned, Vexxed confirmed that he had responded to the email by turning down the partnership, saying that he didn’t want to resort “to nepotism to gain an unfair advantage over others.”

“If I am ever to be unbanned I’ll make sure to do it through the support team,“ concluded the streamer.