TSM Myth’s Minecraft ‘girlfriend’ friend zones him in brutal fashion

Isaac McIntyre

Minecraft on August 28 after his online girlfriend in the Mojang classic revealed her feelings about the time the two had spent together.

Not every relationship is meant to last, not least of all ones founded online. That’s not the rule of thumb though, and TSM Myth clearly felt he’d found a keeper in ‘Chibi Moon’, so much so that he took her for an evening walk out on his tower’s deck to “pop the question.”

It was only once there that Chibi’s full feelings about the adventures the pair had been on – which had already included accidentally killing Myth’s dog, and collecting flowers – were revealed. The news shocked Myth into silence.

TSM Myth - TwitchMyth has been branching out from Fortnite recently, and thought he’d found love on Minecraft.

“I had a lot of fun, but it felt more like a friendly adventure, you know?” said Chibi after Myth asked her whether they could be together in Minecraft. Myth took some time to process the information. “You don’t want to be my Minecraft girlfriend?” he asked, stunned.

Chibi took some time to consider her words, before continuing to place Myth firmly in the Minecraft friendzone. “You know, I had a lot of fun, it was a good time … you’re holding a dagger.”

“No,” responded a shocked Myth, who had drawn his diamond sword. Chibi began to speak again, and her scorned lover shoved her, sending her tumbling off the edge of the lookout tower. He then quickly jumped into the server’s admin, and booted her from the world.

Chibi’s revelation was made all the more heartbreaking by Myth’s secret message to his chat just minutes before taking his would-be Minecraft soulmate up the tower.

“I think it’s time boys, I think it’s time we pop the question,” said Myth. The TSM streamer was clearly nervous ahead of the moonlit-walk, rubbing his sweaty palms on his shirt. “We got a cat, we gave her food. We did a lot of things. I think it’s time. We got flowers for her.”

The bad times kept rolling for Myth, who sat in silence for a long time listening to Alex & Sierras’ ‘Little Do You Know’ before returning to his server where it had just started raining.

As the sad song belted out on his stream, the 20-year-old fought back tears and took a walk through his world, clearly reminiscing on the times that he and Chibi had shared together before he was rejected and booted her from his world.

TSM Myth - TwitchMyth and his chat both mourned the heartbreaking news.

TSM Myth may yet find love in Minecraft, as he continues to play it alongside his regular Fortnite content, but it wasn’t today. 

At the very least, he can take solace in the fact that his popularity across multiple games has held strong, a goal he set himself when he announced he was becoming a variety streamer rather than a Fortnite-only player.

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