TSM Myth surprises everyone with perfect xQc and Summit1g impressions

Connor Bennett
Twitch: xQc/Myth/Summit1g

Team SoloMid’s Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani is expanding on his arsenal of impressions, adding fellow Twitch streamer Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar to his already impressive Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel voice.

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Myth, who is one of the Twitch’s top streamers with over 5.3 million followers, saw his popularity grow hugely thanks to Fortnite but he’s chosen to venture away from the game in recent months.

The TSM streamer has been playing Overwatch and pulling off near-perfect xQc impressions while doing so – even getting a response from the Candian himself. However, he’s getting even better at it, and even adding more jokes to his collection. 

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Twitter: MythMyth is one of Twitch’s top streamers.

During his newest vlog, the Team SoloMid star broke out into his now trademark xQc impression. “This is for the vlog, we just had a really good meal. It was really, really good. xQc doesn’t vlog much but this is basically the black version and it’s really good content,” Myth said with his near-perfect impression, prompting laughter from onlookers. 

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While he was done with the former Overwatch pro, he debuted his ability to mimic summit1g and even sung his stream outro song. “Alright chat, we’re going to be rolling up the stream today. Thank you guys all for being here, you guys are a bunch of doofus ok,” Myth joked. “Wrapping it up, see you later boys – take it easy.”

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Myth even pulled out his xQc impression for Jordan Fisher, who was clearly blown away by how accurate it sounded. “That’s so good,” he said, complimenting Myth after he had stopped laughing.

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After receiving the plaudits for his ability to mimic his fellow streamer, Myth even revealed how he gelt when xQc finally reacted to his impression. “xQc reacted to it and it made my year. It’s pretty good,” the Fortnite star added, with a smile plastered across his face. 

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Clearly, Myth has got his xQc jokes down to a tee will and continue to pull that off. Who knows, the pair might even link up for a round of Overwatch and it’ll finally be the two-headed monster of rage that the internet absolutely needs. 

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