True Geordie unbanned on Twitch after Andrew Tate Islamophobia accusations

true geordieThe Kick Off, YouTube

True Geordie’s Twitch account has been unbanned after serving a one week suspension, believed to be caused by Islamaphobic comments he made during a spat with Andrew Tate.

The comments, which have been labeled as Islamaphobic, sparked not just an apology from the content creator but also partners making the decision to drop him, such as Gymshark.

After he was asked about potentially fighting Andrew Tate, who converted to Islam in October, he snapped back: “I would gladly blow myself up if I could take that sh*tbag with us. If he really wants to prove [that he is Muslim], do the right thing.”

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The comments, which quickly went viral on social media, were widely condemned as advancing Islamaphobic stereotypes.

True Geordie unbanned on Twitch

His Twitch ban was confirmed on November 10 and was a blow the streamer, given that he hosts a live weekly football show called The Kick Off on the platform.

The length of the ban was not confirmed at the time, and True Geordie did not address it.

However, the ban was indeed only temporary, with his channel no reinstated on November 17.

Twitch does not comment on community guidelines violations, to respect the privacy of users, meaning that the exact cause of the ban is not confirmed either.

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True Geordie posted an apology video on November 7, tweeting: “I made a very stupid comment last week on a livestream which has upset a lot of people.

“I want to say sorry, please watch this guys as I mean every word.”

In the video, he said it was a joke made in the heat of the moment.

He said: “It’s just not the way I am. I realize that I am a cocky guy and I say a lot of silly jokes. I get lost in that sometimes,” agreeing with Laurence McKenna that he likes to upset people from time to time.

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However, True Geordie’s apology also faced criticism, with commenters accusing him of insincerity and highlighting his deflection from the issue by citing the loss of his mother, and former relationship with a Muslim woman. He also ended the video by asking viewers to like and subscribe, which was then mocked on social media.