Trisha Paytas and Jaclyn Hill repair friendship after 2020 public spat

Trisha Paytas Jaclyn Hill Feud ApologyInstagram: Trisha Paytas / Jaclyn Hill

Trisha Paytas and Jaclyn Hill have seemingly repaired their friendship after a positive exchange on social media, which included an apology, and revealed they’re on good terms once again.

Trisha and Jaclyn started feuding back in 2020 when Trisha posted a photo of her hugging Jaclyn’s ex-husband, Jon Hill.

Eventually, she opened up about her relationship with him and claimed Jaclyn “had been a b*tch” to him in the past.

Then it all snowballed out of control. Trisha took a swipe at Jaclyn’s new boyfriend, Jordan Farnum, out of the blue. They said he was “embarrassing” and claimed they “hated” watching his YouTube channel.

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Trisha Paytas Jaclyn Hill Feud ApologyInstagram: Trisha Paytas
This photo with Trisha and Jon started the feud.

However, it seems like the two of them have finally made peace. Jaclyn shared a video of Trisha cooking Chicken Lo Mien based on a recipe they got from Jordan’s YouTube channel, and people were stunned.

“This is too cute!” she said. “Trisha Paytas made Jordan’s Chicken Lo Mien! I think they need to do a collab.”

Trisha responded enthusiastically, saying, “His channel is the reason I’m trying to cook. I’d love to enter my grilled cheese in the next competition with [you] guys.” It’s a stark contrast to what they’ve said in the past.

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The situation prompted a confused fan to ask whether the two of them like each other now.

Jaclyn responded, saying, “I have never had a problem with Trisha. And [they] apologized in her intro for anything bad [they’ve] ever said about me, so moving on.”

Trisha echoed the sentiment. “Honestly, me being nasty towards [you] is the most embarrassing thing ever,” they said. It turns out they were in a “bad place” at the time and lashed out on Jaclyn for no reason at all.

“You’ve always been sweet to me before and literally did nothing. I really am sorry [as f**k]. And I just always wanted to be [your] friend.”

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Fortunately, it seems like they’ve buried the hatchet once and for all, and a potential friendship is blooming. 

Fans are thrilled at the prospect of seeing them tee up some content together, and it sounds like it could happen sooner than expected.