“Traumatized” woman claims baboons broke into Airbnb and stole alcohol

BaboonsStoleFoodAndAlcoholTwitter: MsWIlliamsss

A woman has gone viral on Twitter with claims that wild baboons broke into their Airbnb and stole food and alcohol while on vacation with her friends.

When going on a vacation, you should take a few minutes and learn about the wildlife local to the area you’re headed.

Twitter user Zoe Williams learned this the hard way while on vacation in Knysna, South Africa with her friends when a couple of wild baboons broke into their Airbnb and stole their alcohol.

She quickly went viral on Twitter after posting videos of the situation, claiming she was “traumatized” in the process.

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Woman claims baboons broke into Airbnb

On November 12, Zoe shared news of the wild animal encounter in a now-viral tweet that’s amassed nearly 30,000 likes and thousands of other interactions.

“Baboons just came inside our house, ate our avocados we were making for breakfast, and drank our Hennessy,” she said.

In a second tweet, she shows one of the baboons walking away from the camera and claims it finished an entire glass of alcohol and almost stole the empty glass.

Twitter: MsWilliamsss
One of the baboons entered the rental and began eating chips.

In a second video, she shows another baboon on top of their kitchen counter eating from the bags of chips Zoe and her friends had purchased for the trip.

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You can hear her yelling at the animal from behind the camera, while her friend is hiding on the other side of the wall just feet away from the hungry baboon.

As the videos went viral, others began sharing stories about their own interactions with baboons and other wild animals.

“Same thing happened to us in Zimbali. They literally left us with no breakfast,” one said.

Another user replied: “Listen when it opened the second packet of chips, girl was like no ways you can’t be wasting our food like that bro.”

Luckily, nobody was hurt by the animals and the friend group was able to continue on with their day just fine.

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