Trailer for Jlo’s ‘This is Me… Now’ album & movie has fans freaking out

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Jennifer Lopez with wet hair sitting on a sofa looking into the cameraYoutube: Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez dropped an official teaser trailer for her forthcoming This is Me… Now album and movie, and fans are freaking out.

Her third studio album, Jlo‘s This is Me… Then arrived amidst a media frenzy surrounding the singer’s relationship with Ben Affleck. With the album dedicated to her beau, the 12-track project contributed greatly to the media craze.

To celebrate the album’s legacy, Jlo issued a 20th anniversary edition in 2022 which featured additional remixes and radio edits.

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With the release behind her, the singer/dancer looks to the future with the forthcoming release of This is Me… Now album, as well as an accompanying movie.

a letter burning in a fireplaceYoutube: Jennifer Lopez
Still from a teaser for Jlo’s ‘This is Me…Now’ album/movie

Jlo dropped a teaser trailer for her new album/movie

On November 27, Jlo surprised fans with the release of a teaser trailer for her new album and movie. This is Me… Now, dubbed a “musical experience,” will be released on Amazon Prime on February 16, 2024.

In the clip, Jlo sits beside a roaring fireplace and reads a tear-stained letter, signed with a simple B. She then tosses it into the flames. “When I was a little girl, when someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, my answer was always… in love,” she says in a voiceover.

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Fan reaction has been swift, with many freaking out over the clip. “OMG i know this gonna be HUGE,” screamed one fan.

“I am more anxious than ever to see what this is all about. It is not about just your talents, but about what defines you,” added another.

A third fan predicted the impending LP as “the most love-filled album of the century!”


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“We’re ready for reality, music, film, and Jlo’s experience…. She is the reason women run it…,” said user Mr Jglow.

“It’s truly a musical experience like never before,” said a fan, quipping, “I need to replace my TV with a new one with better picture quality.”

Another fan couldn’t hold back their excitement either, writing, “IM SCREAMING!!!! jen!!! you will always be worth the wait omg!!!”

“THE QUEEN OF MUSIC IS COMING BACK,” commented another.

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Jlo last released an all-original album in 2014 with A.K.A. In 2022, she starred in and contributed music to the feature film, Marry Me, which also starred Owen Wilson, Baluma, Chloe Coleman, and Sarah Silverman.

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