Billie Eilish’s new album 2024: Upcoming single, tracklist, more

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Billie Eilish has said her third studio album is done, signaling her first release in nearly three years. Here is everything we know so far.

It’s been nearly three years since Billie Eilish graced our eardrums with a brand-new album. 2021’s Happier Than Ever saw the singer-songwriter veer away from the dark swampiness of her landmark debut and venture into moodier, more introspective fare.

While Eilish didn’t release an album in 2023, it became one of the biggest years of her career. In contributing ‘What Was I Made For?’ to the Barbie soundtrack, she unwittingly unleashed a beast of a musical performance, leading to a 2024 Grammy Awards win for Song of the Year.

With the wispy, heart-torn ballad in her rearview, Eilish eyes a brand new chapter of her life and career. Here is everything we know about Billie Eilish’s forthcoming, yet untitled, third album.

Billie Eilish in a yellow dress and ponytail sitting in front of a Barbie case
Billie Eilish performs in “What Was I Made For?” video

When is Billie Eilish releasing her third album?

Billie Eilish took to Instagram on February 21 to reveal that her album has been “mastered,” which is the final step in the process of making an album. Typically, what happens next is properly turning in the album to her label and figuring out the accompanying album cover/aesthetic, music videos, and a PR rollout.

On the Grammy Awards red carpet, Billie Eilish said her album would be coming soon but wanted to give a labelmate time to shine in the spotlight. “Let Ariana [Grande] put her shit out — enjoy that,” she told reporters. “That’s all I’m waiting for… Then, eventually, our stuff will happen.”

Ariana Grande releases her Eternal Sunshine album on March 8, so Eilish could very well kickstart her third era anytime afterward. A lead single in March 2024 is highly probable.

On Reddit, fans began speculating on a release schedule. One user noted that the singer previously mentioned how it “takes four months for music to release after they are submitted,” the fan wrote. By their estimation, Eilish’s third album could arrive in June or July 2024.

Who is Billie Eilish working with on her new album?

At this point in her career, it’s a safe bet to assume Eilish is working with her brother and long-standing collaborator Finneas O’Connell again. The two barrelled through the singer’s previous two records, so why fix what isn’t broken?

In late 2022, Eilish gave an interview with Vanity Fair in which she shared that the paired has “started the process of making an album, which is really exciting,” she said. “So now we have, like, specific days where we see each other, which is really nice because, you know, you get caught up in life.”

As with all things in life, Billie Eilish has learned to trust her instincts way more. In that same interview, she dove deep into what she’s gleaned most over the last few years. “The most important thing to me now is being in touch with myself and how I am actually really feeling and listening to my gut—trusting my gut,” she said.

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