Tommy Fury has reached out to Jake Paul to get fight “back on track” for 2022

Tommy Fury smiling next to Jake Paul in boxing ringInstagram: Tommy Fury / YouTube: Jake Paul

Tommy Fury has one goal for 2022: get his fight with Jake Paul. After the boxing star had to pull out due to a broken rib ⁠— forcing Paul into a rematch with Tyron Woodley ⁠— Fury wants to set the record straight and hand Jake his first loss in 2022.

The Tommy Fury vs Jake Paul fight was one of the most hotly-contested bouts to end 2021 on. However, just two weeks out from the fight, the younger brother of Tyson Fury had to drop out due to a broken rib and chest infection.

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The sudden cancellation led to more taunting from Jake Paul, who called Fury’s “boxing’s biggest b*tch,” as well as taunting from fans of the former YouTuber.

However, Fury is ready to set the record straight and get their fight “back on track” once he’s recovered early next year.

Tommy Fury boxingInstagram: @tommyfury
Tommy Fury still wants to fight Jake Paul after their December 18 bout cancellation.

“I’ve been putting all my time, all my focus into my recovery which is going as good as it can be going,” he said on Instagram on December 22.

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“I do believe the fight is even bigger now. It’s business. My team is reaching out to his team to sort out a date for early next year. My recovery process is underway, I’ll be ready to go in March, so let’s get this fight back on track.”

Fury, who is still recovering from his injury, said the backlash he received after pulling out has been “tough to deal with”.

““I’ve been feeling pretty low. It’s a major setback for me, but it’s the first time I’ve been on the opposite side. What I mean by that is I’ve been there where everyone’s asking how you are, they can’t get enough of you, and then when you have a setback it’s so crazy,” he explained.

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“Everyone’s texting you a million times a day asking about the fight, asking about training and then when something like this happens, you see the other side of people texting you ‘you’re a p*ssy, you’re a sh*thouse, you’re not a fighter’.”

Tommy Fury Instagram story about Jake Paul fightInstagram: Tommy Fury
Tommy Fury insists his team is working hard to get the Jake Paul fight going in 2022.

Tommy Fury on Paul vs Woodley rematch

Tommy Fury also roasted Jake Paul’s performance against Tyron Woodley in their rematch — which took place instead of the Fury bout. He claimed the fight was “pretty painful to watch”, and even the commentators said as much.

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“It wasn’t great. He’d meant to be training for months and months on end, and he went in the ring and hugged it out for the first five rounds,” he said.

“When you’ve got the commentators laughing between themselves round saying ‘who won that’ or ‘oh I don’t know because no one threw any punches’ or comments like ‘the fight’s getting hard to watch now’ ⁠— it’s all negatives that you don’t want to be hearing.”

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jake-paul-vs-tyron-woodley-2_3vltqj32g2ad18ahvxn9tjkpdShowtime Boxing
Jake Paul beat Tyron Woodley in their rematch on December 18.

Despite Jake Paul stirring the post with suggestions Tyson caused Tommy’s injury to pull him out of the fight, the Fury brother wants to be the one that gives Jake his first loss in the ring.

“I just want to get back fighting fit. Get my recovery out of the way, get back in the gym, and get this fight rescheduled. That’s all I want, that’s all that’s on my mind right now, and that’s all I’m working towards. This fight will be the first thing for me.

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“My team have reached out to [Jake Paul’s] team in regards to a rescheduled fight. He knows where it’s at and knows I want this fight. He’s made comments saying we have been ‘silent’ which is absolutely not the case.”