Jake Paul predicts Olivia Rodrigo will be the next Selena Gomez

An image of Jake Paul and Olivia Rodrigo.Instagram: Jake Paul, Olivia Rodrigo

YouTuber and boxing superstar Jake Paul has called former Disney collaborator Olivia Rodrigo, the next “Selena Gomez” as he responds to the popstar’s comments about him.

These days Jake Paul is making waves outside his YouTube career, by offering beatdowns in the world of boxing. Having walked away as the victor in his Tyron Woodley fight, the future for Paul is bright.

Now, the boxer has reflected on his time with former Disney co-star Olivia Rodrigo, after she offered her praise for Paul.

Jake Paul posing for a pictureInstagram: jakepaul
Jake laid down a Round 2 knockout in his fight against Tyron Woodley.

Jake Paul knew Olivia Rodrigo had “something special”

It has been quite some time since Jake Paul and Olivia Rodrigo both starred in Bizaardvark, as Paul departed the show in 2017. Since then, the pair have gone on to achieve stardom in their career paths. Speaking to the LA Times, Rodrigo said “He called my success. God, my publicist would not appreciate me saying this. He was very nice to me.”

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In separate interviews with Access Hollywood and Entertainment Tonight respectively, Paul took the chance to respond to Rodrigo’s comments: “She was just so amazing at singing. I said you’re the next Selena Gomez, I’m gonna brag about knowing you someday.”

Paul also added that ” Olivia just had something special” and “she was an amazing actor” during their time together on the Disney Channel. While Rodrigo continues to dominate the charts with her debut album Sour, Paul hopes that “she can walk me out to one of my fights one day.”

Despite detractors alleging that the Tyron Woodley exhibition was rigged, anticipation for Jake Paul’s next fight is heating up. Boxing fans are speculating who Paul could defeat in the future. Who will step into the ring?

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