Tommy Fury vows to end Jake Paul’s boxing career after eight fight win streak

jake-paul-tommy-furyIG: Tommy Fury / Jake Paul

After beating Daniel Bocianski on the undercard of Tyson Fury’s fight against Dillian Whyte and extending his win streak, Tommy Fury called out Jake Paul and vowed to end his career.

Tommy Fury and Jake Paul were supposed to fight in the back half of 2021. However, Fury dropped out after sustaining some injuries. Jake wasn’t keen to give him another chance. So, Fury has been throwing jabs ever since.

Now, after beating a seasoned fighter with an impressive record in Bocianski, Fury has turned his sights on Jake once again, urging him to “get the contract signed” once and for all, before threatening to end his career.

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Tommy Fury Jake PaulAmanda Westcott for Showtime
Jake Paul and Tommy Fury have been linked since their clash at the Paul vs Woodley PPV event.

First, he urged Jake to put pen to paper. “Jake Paul, this should have been done a long time ago in December. If you want it, I’m here and I’m ready for you. I’ll cut you and chop you to bits just like I did there. Get the contract signed, you bum! Let’s get it done once and for all.”

Then, he claimed fighters like Bocianski are on another level compared to Jake.

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“That lad in there would have killed Jake Paul. That lad is a true professional. He was cut to bits, but he was still in there giving me everything that he had. He’d slap Jake Paul and it’d be over.”

Finally, he pledged to end Jake’s boxing career while throwing in some insults for good measure. “Jake Paul, I’m going to end your career. You’re a bum and you’re no good. Let’s get this fight done and get this settled.”

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It didn’t take long for Jake to respond, courtesy of renowned fighting journalist Ariel Helwani, who sought him out after the fight.

“Congrats on beating a 10-1 fighter. But that stadium was empty,” scoffed Jake.

He compared it to his own fights, which he claims generate a lot more hype.

“When I fight, the stadium is full. When Tommy fights no one gives a f**k. And that’s in his home country. Let’s see how Anderson Silva’s event does.”

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