Tom Cruise deepfake TikTok goes viral with most convincing video yet

Lawrence Scotti
tom cruise tiktok

A TikTok account dedicated to deepfake videos of superstar actor Tom Cruise has gone viral once again with another shockingly realistic video.

Deepfakes, the digital recreation of people’s faces and speech, have gotten scarily good over the last few years.

One TikToker has gone viral tons of times with his deepfake videos of one of the most famous American movie stars of all time, Tom Cruise.

Chris Ume, a VFX and A.I. artist, has an entire TikTok dedicated to making fake videos of Tom Cruise. His videos are so realistic that it even tricked Justin Bieber into believing it was actually Cruise himself.

Now, the deepfaker has gone viral once again with maybe their most convincing video to date.

Viral Tom Cruise deepfake screenshots side by side
Many people have been fooled by this Tom Cruise deepfake.

Tom Cruise deepfake looks shockingly real

The account, deeptomcruise, has over 3.4 million followers. In a video posted on April 4, which now has over 10 million viewers, the fake Tom Cruise is at it again, this time with a special guest.

Fake-Cruise was joined by comedy actor Keegan Michael-Key at the AFI awards show. The video kicks off with Cruise launching himself over Key and saying, “Just wanted to jump in and wish you luck buddy. Congrats on the AFI awards. Congrats on life, congrats on the look, work on the humor a bit.”

Chris Ume, pretending to be the famous actor, belts out a very Cruiseian laugh that is near indistinguishable from the actual Cruise, and also mimicked Tom’s hand genstures.

The comment section was filled with users who were in complete shock. One said, “I’m convinced it’s actually Tom Cruise.”

The video caught so much steam it actually got “Tom Cruise” trending on Twitter. Some were actually creeped out by the video with one social media user saying, “I don’t like the Tom Cruise deep fakes. Put me in the firmly “against deep fakes in general” column.”

It’s both incredible and scary that deepfake technology has advanced this far that social media users are creating entire accounts pretending to be other people.

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