Justin Bieber mocks viral Tom Cruise TikTok without realizing it’s a deepfake

Georgina Smith
Justin Bieber in an orange sweater next to deepfake Tom Cruise
Instagram: justinbieber / TikTok: deeptomcruise

Justin Bieber is the latest to be fooled by a strangely accurate deepfake of Tom Cruise that’s going viral on TikTok, mocking the star on his Instagram story without realizing he’s not the real Tom Cruise.

The internet was astounded back in February when a deepfake account of actor Tom Cruise started going hugely viral on TikTok.

The account, appropriately named ‘deeptomcruise,’ features a startlingly realistic deepfake, and their uncanny impressions of the actor are so good that they even managed to fool thousands into believing Cruise had really started his own TikTok account.

He now has over three million followers on the account and has continued to upload videos ever since, with new viewers being tricked by the accuracy on a regular basis.

Viral Tom Cruise deepfake screenshots side by side
TikTok: deeptomcruise
Many people have been fooled by this Tom Cruise deepfake.

But the latest to fall victim to this deepfake is none other than singer Justin Bieber, who was well and truly fooled by the account.

On October 7, Bieber uploaded a video of the deepfake Tom playing the guitar to his Instagram story, along with the caption: “@tomcruise I’m impressed with your guitar skills. But you could still catch these hands my boy. While ur playin a tune not givin a damn, I’m over here thinkin about this 1st round knockout.”

He even then went on to cover the song that ‘Tom’ was singing in his original video, putting a spin on the lyrics to fit his “interpretation of @tomcruise talking to his lighting guy Danny.”

But after all that, it seems that someone finally told Justin that the person in the video he’s mocking isn’t actually the real Tom Cruise, as he then uploaded the message: “That’s not really Tom Cruise? Lol, oh well, still hilarious.”

Text on a dark background of Justin Bieber's Instagram story
Instagram: justinbieber
Justin eventually found out the truth.

Fans found the whole situation hilarious, as Bieber definitely isn’t the only person to have been fooled by the incredibly accurate deepfake.