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TinaKitten responds to Twitter trend to get her & Sykkuno verified

Published: 11/Apr/2021 16:57

by Connor Bennett


Popular Twitch streamer TinaKitten, also known as TeanaKitten, responded to fans who have been trying to get herself and Sykkuno verified on Twitter with a hashtag campaign.

Getting the verified checkmark on Twitter used to be a pretty significant point for many content creators, given it was incredibly difficult to do so, and you needed more than just one or two vouches from other users. 

These days, getting a checkmark isn’t all that difficult, but there are some prominent content creators from across YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, TikTok, and more that are still waiting for the blue tick to grace their Twitter account. 


That includes Twitch streamers TinaKitten and Sykkuno, who both have massive followings on Twitch and Twitter. 

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Sykkuno is huge on Twitter, Twitch, and YouTube but doesn’t have his verified checkmark.

On April 10, fans of the pair kickstarted a campaign for them to get verified as they began tweeting out the hashtags #VerifyTina and #VerifySykkuno. 

Both hashtags got a fair bit of traction as content creators started weighing and supporting what the fans were saying. Ultimately, Tina got around to responding to the hashtags with a few tongue-in-cheek tweets. 

“Perhaps I do not want to be verified! perhaps my friends still like me without it! :D” she posted before some other streamers jokingly offered to give her their own verified checkmark. 


Twitch streamer 5Up joined in with the jokes, saying that having a verified tick “isn’t that cool” while EmmaLangevin asked Tina not to forget her when the tick finally comes her way. 

“Time will tell Emma!!” the streamer hilariously tweeted in reply to that. 

Given the popularity of both Tina and Sykkuno, a verified checkmark is probably coming their way at some point.

Any management that the two streamers may have can put their case to Twitter, or Twitter might just spring into action if any future hashtags start trending. We’ll just have to wait and see.