TimTheTatman skin bundle removed from MW2 store amid NICKMERCS drama

Carver Fisher
TimTheTatman skin bundle

TimTheTatman called for his skin bundle to be removed from Modern Warfare 2 following NICKMERCS Operator being taken off the store. Activision quickly obliged and took Tim’s skin bundle down as well.

The NICKMERCS controversy has torn the Call of Duty community asunder. Backlash from his initial tweet prompted Activision to remove his Operator skin bundle from the store.

While some were happy to see that NICKMERCS’ skins were no longer available for purchase, others were very vocal in their dissatisfaction. From players and streamers threatening to boycott to friends of NICKMERCS like Dr. Direspect uninstalling Modern Warfare 2 on stream, it caused waves in the CoD community.

This led to TimTheTatman requesting that his Operator skin bundle be removed as well. And he got his wish less than 24 hours after the request, with both bundles unavailable for purchase in the store.

TimTheTatman skin bundle taken from Modern Warfare 2 store

TimTheTatman’s request to the Call of Duty developers was one that, in less than 24 hours, received over 21 million views on Twitter. To say this issue has gone viral is an understatement.

Tim didn’t comment on NICKMERCS initial tweet or the statement from Nick saying that he wasn’t going to apologize for what he said. He did, however, voice his support for his fellow streamer and said it wouldn’t feel right for his skin to stay in the game with Nick’s being removed.

When asked for statement, Activision had this to say: “At Tim’s request, we have removed the TimTheTatman operator bundle from the Modern Warfare II and the Warzone store.”

Community response to the decision has been mixed, with some already missing Tim’s skin and lamenting that they didn’t pick it up while it was on the store.

It’s yet unclear whether players who purchased these skins and want to refund them will be able to do so.

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