TikToker’s megaphone prank ends in disaster after messing with the wrong stranger

TikToker jaykindaffunny gets slammed in prank gone wrongTikTok/jaykindaffunny

A TikToker prank at a Home Depot turned into a clean-up in aisle 12 after he was absolutely demolished after choosing the wrong victim for his content.

TikTok pranks are some of the most successful videos on the platform, frequently getting hundreds of thousands to even millions of views.

While messing with strangers can be done in good fun, sometimes things get taken too far. It’s one thing to be sharing a nasty story loud in public to see how people react, but getting physical with complete strangers can have some major consequences.

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That’s exactly what happened with prankster Jaykindafunny after he used a PVC pipe as a megaphone and prepared to yell his signature catchphrase “Muñañyo” in a man’s ear.

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TikToker gets annihilated in prank gone wrong

As you can see in the clip, the man Jay planned to prank wasn’t having it. As soon as he felt the pipe on his head, he turned around and tackled the TikToker to the floor and put him in a nasty headlock.

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“That ain’t no f**king joke!” the man exclaimed while the prankster whimpered. “Don’t f**k with me, bro.”

The video has spread like wildfire, amassing over 50 million views in under five days. Users seem to be taking the side of the man too, joking that it was “about time” that the TikToker got what was coming to him.

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Amusingly, this isn’t the first time a prank victim has retaliated against Jay. In another video, a large man grabbed the megaphone from him and threatened to “stick it up his a**” if he continued.

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You’d think that one time would be enough to teach Jay a lesson, but clearly the TikToker is hellbent on continuing his ways, despite being tackled to the ground in a hardware store.

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