TikTokers are using ‘I’ll blow up’ trend to share their biggest viral moments

Georgina Smith
TikTok users doing the 'I'll blow up' trend

TikTok users are looking back on their most viral moments from their time on the app as part of the popular ‘I’ll blow up’ trend that’s taking over people’s For You Page.

Video platform TikTok has become known for starting a whole array of new online trends, from bizarre challenges to simple recipes.

Many of the trends begin as a result of an audio, or ‘sound’ as they are referred to on the app, with songs both old and new spawning a host of different trends that anyone can get involved in.

One of the most recent trends to dominate the app is based on AJR’s ‘World’s Smallest Violin,’ with some of the most popular lyrics from the track being, “So if I do not find somebody soon, I’ll blow up into smithereens, and spew my tiny symphony.”

However, TikTok users have been cutting the lyrics off right after ‘I’ll blow up’ in order to look back on a video of theirs that blew up unexpectedly on the app, showing a screenshot of the video thumbnail to show how many views it got.

User koda.mace showed a video of their school’s unappealing chocolate milk, which garnered over 15 million views when they first uploaded it in 2021, revealing that they “still get notifications” from the viral hit.

Others looked back on everything from proposal videos to hilarious pranks, which all unexpectedly ended up getting millions of views when they were originally posted.

Some users are getting a chance to see these viral clips for the first time thanks to this trend, and many people are going viral all over again thanks to the boost it’s giving these already popular clips.

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