TikTokers are turning toast into pizza and it’s a viral food trend already

Connor McCrory

Foodies have been flocking to TikTok as users are entertaining the idea of making pizza out of toast, even catching the attention of Hailey Bieber, who has made her own rendition of the viral delicatessen.

The trendy dish that users have dubbed “pizza toast” has caught the attention of many, with #pizzatoast having over 110-million views.

While this has only just taken off as a trend on TikTok, pizza toast is similar to French Bread Pizza, in which a pre-baked loaf is topped with tomato, cheese and other ingredients before going under the grill / into the oven.

American model and TikTok star Hailey Bieber, who originally pioneered the trend, is now showing TikTok how to make the viral “pizza toast.”

Hailey Bieber shows us how to make the viral dish

On January 29, 2022, Bieber uploaded a video to TikTok showing her fans how to make the mouth-watering dish, amassing over 6.1 million views.

The 25-year-old likes to start out making the dish by slicing a loaf of sourdough bread and buttering each side, lightly dowsing it in truffle oil.

The self-proclaimed cook then goes on to add burrata cheese to each of the bread slices, topping it off with tomatoes that were “dressed in olive oil, lemon, and salt.”

Bieber concludes the cooking tutorial by setting the oven to 375 degrees and baking the cheesy bread, resulting in a perfectly baked culinary delight.

Users on the app have responded to Bieber’s video with food reviews, one TikToker saying that “@Hailey Bieber pizza toast S L A P S.”

Analytics on the app show that pizza toast is the second-most popular toast recipe on the app, falling right below avocado toast.