TikTok star Miranda Derrick mocks family saying she was abducted by “cult”

Instagram: Miranda Derrick

TikTok star Miranda Derrick has clapped back at rumors of her being abducted by a cult, posting a video taunting her family.

Former TikTok duo ‘the Wilking Sisters‘ rose to fame in early 2020 when Melanie Wilking, 22, and Miranda Derrick, 25, (maiden name Wilking), had the idea to start posting artistic dance videos.

At the time, the sisters had over 2 million followers, before breaking off and focusing on their individual careers in mid-2021.

After leaving the group, Miranda joined a talent management agency that operates under the name “7M Films,” which some claim to be a cover for a religious cult.

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On February 24, 2022, Miranda’s sister Melanie, along with her parents Kelly and Dean Wilking posted a video to Instagram praying for Derrick’s safety and return home, alleging that she has been “held hostage” by a talent management agency.


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Miranda is now mocking her family’s fears in a TikTok video, laughing off suggestions that she’s in a cult.

The TikTok star mocks her family

On March 22, 2022, Miranda uploaded a video to TikTok poking fun at her family for being convinced that “Miranda is part of a religious group and she’s not allowed to speak to us,” said younger sister Melanie.

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The video’s title, “When you’re TAKEN … way too long to film. IFYK” pokes fun at the fact that her parents along with her sister, have been going live on social media to voice their opinion about “7M Films,” calling their organization a “cult.”

With over 100,000 views on the video, fans are starting to flood the comment section with mixed opinions.

“Notice how the last video where she was acting was identical to her really ‘let’s clear some things up’ videos,” one user commented.

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“This is really sad,” another user said.

While Miranda appears to be perfectly fine in her videos, her family and fans are continuing to reach out regarding her well-being.

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