TikToker who sells frozen pizza in DoorDash side-hustle sparks debate

Dylan Horetski
Caden Boof TikTok selling digiorno pizza on doordash

A TikToker has gone viral on the app after revealing that he opened a ghost kitchen on Doordash, selling store-bought frozen pizzas to customers.

Over the last few years, more and more ghost kitchens have popped up on popular delivery apps like DoorDash and Uber Eats.

MrBeast’s Beast Burger is among the most popular, opening up in 2020 and quickly expanding to over 1,000 locations. FaZe Clan also joined the food business with their own line of custom sandwiches that launched in July 2022.

Caden, who goes by the name Cadenboof on TikTok, revealed his DoorDash side-hustle — sparking a debate about it between commenters.

TikToker buys frozen pizza from Walmart and sells them through DoorDash

Uploaded on September 6, Caden revealed that he opened up a restaurant on Doordash where he sells frozen pizza that he got from Walmart.

The video shows a clip of him being confronted by another person at the store for buying the pizza in bulk, but claims “she couldn’t do anything about it” so he continued putting them in his cart.

Caden even went as far as creating his own logo to put on the boxes to look more “professional.”

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Viewers quickly took to the comments to share their thoughts about his side hustle.

“It is illegal though. It’s a type of trademark infringement,” one commenter suggested.

Another made a joke about the lady who confronted Caden in the store: “Imagine if that lady couldn’t buy any pizza so she ended up ordering yours”

DoorDash even commented on the video a few times, mentioning the legality of his side hustle: “We’ll ask our legal department.”

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