TikToker who lives in ‘The Conjuring’ haunted house shares a day in the life

Kawter Abed
Inside the Conjuring house

A TikToker who lives and works at the real-life house from ‘The Conjuring’ has shared her daily routine in the haunted farmhouse.

Madison Heinzen, the daughter of the house’s previous owners Cory and Jennifer, has taken to TikTok to show everyone a day in her life, living and working in the infamous house from the 2013 horror film.

In the viral video, which has amassed over a million views, the TikToker shared all the house tasks she does inside the creepy 14-room farmhouse in Rhode Island.

Her day starts with a customary check of the security cameras before bidding the house a good morning. After that, she does her usual morning routine of showering and brushing her teeth.

A big part of her morning is getting the entire house cleaned up, before “daytime tours and guests start arriving for the day.”

In case you didn’t know, the haunted house is now a tourist attraction where horror fans can take tours through the house, and learn the real ghost stories that inspired the scary movie.

As a caretaker for the property, Madison takes her time in making sure that all the stock at the gift shop is there, as plenty of ‘The Conjuring’ fans would like to buy t-shirts and sweatshirts as souvenirs.

The TikToker previously joked that the dolls in the house scare her more than the ghosts. But while she doesn’t seem to mind living and working in the infamous house, rumored to be haunted by eight generations of a family, many viewers are terrified.

Viewers react to TikToker living in ‘The Conjuring’ house

“Your so brave, to sleep in that haunted house. If I ever come there as a guest. I will bring my sages, crystals, bible.” one viewer commented.

“You’re not scared sleeping there?!” a concerned viewer wrote. Another viewer added, “How do you fall asleep?!?”


“I believe if you stop saying hi the house will resent you…scary AF, But interesting,” a viewer joked.

One viewer asked the TikToker if she could share her scariest experience living in the house, to which she responded: “I have some storytime videos up on my Q&A playlist but I can make some updates videos soon!”

Madison often shares spooky videos, specifically about the ‘Conjuring’ house, to her 1.3 million followers. In one clip, she claimed to have captured a ghost’s face on video.

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