TikToker goes viral turning different candy into Squid Game’s Dalgona

Dalgona candy from Squid Game next to Dalgona made from different candyNetflix / TikTok: scottsreality

TikToker ‘scottsreality’ is going viral on the app by recreating Dalgona, the snack featured in the hit Netflix show ‘Squid Game,’ by melting down a range of different candies instead of just sugar.

South Korean show ‘Squid Game’ first released on Netflix on September 17, and since then it has become the most-viewed Netflix show of all time, receiving extremely high praise from viewers and critics alike.

The series is about a group of people in dire financial situations who all take part in a mysterious challenge, which sees them participating in tasks based on children’s games, all with the aim of winning a huge cash prize and avoiding death.

One moment that captured viewers’ attention in particular, was the scene where players had to pick shapes out of Korean street snack Dalgona using a needle. Dalgona, described by some as ‘honeycomb toffee,’ is made by melting sugar and baking soda together, before pouring it out and stamping a shape in it.

Plenty of TikTok users have attempted to make the snack and participate in the challenge themselves, but scottsreality has taken it to the next level by melting down a range of different candies.

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He’s so far attempted the challenge with things such as lollipops, chocolate balls, chewing gum, and even Sprite, all with varying results.

Viewers have been fascinated by the series, with each post picking up millions of views each.

Additionally, fans continue to put their requests for what they want to see next in the comments too, with some wanting the TikToker to get really wild with some of the ingredients he uses.

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Many also spotted that Scott seems to always have some sort of bug or creature appear at some point in almost every video, but people have yet to figure out exactly why that is. Still, it seems to only be making more people fascinated by his content.

Scott’s videos have been receiving as many as 60 million views per clip, as people can’t tear their eyes away from the bizarre experiments.