TikToker tricks viewers with “surprise” baby in viral ultrasound video

TikToker beesjourneyyyTikTok: Beesjourneyyy

A TikToker by the name of bee went viral after tricking viewers with a “fake” video showing that she unexpectedly found out her friend was pregnant.

Every so often while browsing the internet, it reminds you how much content is available that is staged in some way.

Millions of viewers on TikTok recently learned this after a creator by the name of BeesJourneyyy shared a video where she “unexpectedly” found out her friend was pregnant during a sonogram.

After being viewed over 18 million times, Bee revealed the actual story behind the viral video.

TikToker tricks viewers with “fake” ultrasound video

Bee uploaded the viral video on October 14, showing her and her sonography classmates at school. While doing an ultrasound on her classmate, the TikToker “unexpectedly” finds out her friend is pregnant and shows the screen to everyone else.

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It then shows everyone gathered around the screen with the caption “When you have lab day, and you find a surprise.”

The video quickly went viral, with over 12,000 shocked comments from viewers.

In a second video just a few days later, Bee reveals that they already knew about her classmate’s pregnancy.

“There was a competition between two classes on who can make the best video on Diagnostic Medical Sonography, so we decided to do a video about the life of a sonography student in one day,” she explained.

Viewers flooded the comments with their thoughts on the “trick” video.

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“Y’all deserve to win just for this one skit,” one viewer replied.

Another user said: “Y’all deserve a Grammy for that.”

“Nah bc y’all had me crying,” a third user exclaimed.