TikToker trades hairpin for a house in viral 2-year experiment

TikToker trades bobby pin for house in viral projectInstagram, TikTok: trademeproject

TikToker Demi Skipper managed to trade her way from a hairpin to a house in a two-year experiment that is taking social media by storm.

TikTok is a haven for viral content of all kinds — but one woman’s mission to get a house through trading everyday items like a hairpin is dropping jaws all across the internet.

30-year-old Demi Skipper started her experiment two years ago, starting off with a single hairpin.

However, she laid out firm rules for this project: She couldn’t spend any money, and she couldn’t trade with anyone she knew (and who might be sympathetic toward her cause).

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Along the way, Skipper traded her way up from the hairpin to an iPhone 11 Pro Max, a 2008 Dodge Caravan, an electric bike, a MacBook Pro, and even a Chipotle Celebrity card, which grants users $20,000 worth of free Chipotle for a year.

Although some items were harder to give away than others — Skipper ended up getting the celebrity card after haggling with Chipotle for three tractors — she managed to score a solar-powered trailer.

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TikToker trades her way to home ownership

The solar-powered trailer ended up being her last chip in the game. A house-flipper decided to trade Skipper for a $79,800 home in Clarksville, Tennessee for the trailer.

TradeMeProject hairpinInstagram: trademeproject
Demi Skipper, the mastermind behind the ‘Trade me Project,’ managed to trade her way from a single hairpin to a $79,800 home in Tennessee.

The house boasts two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a backyard — and although Skipper claims it’s a fixer-upper, she’s elated at finally getting to the end of her two-year long goal.

“Even on the flight I was preparing for something to go wrong, but it totally worked. Now I’ve got the keys and the deed, and there’s not a mortgage or rent. It’s just a house that’s fully mine,” the TikToker told Good Morning America.

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Skipper was inspired to start her trading journey after watching the similar story of Kyle MacDonald, who traded his way from a red paperclip toward a house in 2005.

She’s not done yet, though; now, Skipper wants to be the first person to trade their way up to a house twice. Considering the viral success of her first attempt, there’s no telling how interesting her eventual second try will turn out.

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