TikToker slammed for complaining about boyfriend proposing with silver ring

Kawter Abed
TikToker furious after boyfriend proposes with silver engagement ring

A TikToker was left disappointed after her boyfriend proposed to her with a “silver” engagement ring instead of gold.

Content creator Keely Grace (keely1123) took to TikTok to share her frustration and disappointment after her partner bought her the ‘wrong’ color ring.

In a viral clip with over 21.4 million views, she showed off the huge rock on her ring finger, which was surrounded by a halo of tiny gemstones and set in a silver band. 

Her fiancé appeared to be sleeping in the background, as the TikToker shared the shiny and sparkly piece of jewelry with her 151,000 followers.

“I’m so pissed,” Keely wrote over the video. “He got me a silver ring even though I’m a gold girly. He must not pay attention to the little things,” she complained, adding three crying emojis.

TikTok split over woman’s frustration with engagement ring

TikTok users in the comments had mixed reactions, with many criticizing Keely’s fiancé for not getting the right shade of gold. “It does speak volumes tho, every bf should know what color jewelry you wear everyday,” one person said.

“It’s not about the ring, it’s about the fact he didn’t notice/care about such an important thing for her,” another said. “I’m sorry how long have y’all been together for him to not know what type of jewelry you like? Cuz really my guy,” a third added.

However, other viewers sided with her partner, with some deeming the woman “ungrateful” for complaining. “He deserves better,” one user wrote.

“Ungrateful!! Dude take the ring back and Run!! It will just get worse with time!” another commented. “Give it back then and let him find someone who will appreciate whatever ring he gives them,” someone else shared.

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