TikToker stunned after catching DoorDash driver stealing his order on Ring camera

TikToker stunned after catching DoorDash driver stealing his order on Ring cameraTIKTOK: joshmallitz

A TikToker was shocked to see his DoorDash driver stealing his food on Ring camera, after taking a photo of it for “proof” of delivery.

In a viral clip with over 1.4 million views, content creator joshmallitz posted footage that showed his delivery driver walking up to his doorstep, and leaving a bag there.

The DoorDasher then snapped a picture of it on his phone to send through the DoorDash app as proof of delivery. Just seconds later, however, he took the customer’s order and left.

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According to Josh, the Ring camera footage was captured outside of his home, and it appeared like the driver was trying to make it look like their delivery of the food was completed.

He wrote in text-overlay for the video: “TikTok please use your detective skills and find out who this is. Ordered on DoorDash and he straight finessed my order.”

“Can’t get a refund because he took a picture saying it was delivered.. what a scumbag,” Josh captioned the video.

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TikTok users couldn’t believe the customer was unable to get a refund.

“Why are people always saying they can’t get a refund? Even if it was delivered if you say the food was cold they refund every time,” one commented.

“You can’t send them this video? I’m confused,” another wrote.

Others were wondering why the delivery driver took his food.

“I’d like to know what would compel him to do this.. like was that really good food, he was just starving, or maybe he didn’t like your tip,” one user said.

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“Maybe he was hungry… I don’t think these drivers get paid enough,” another added. “I’m sure he feels guilty now.”

In the comments, Josh said he was eventually able to get a refund for the stolen order.

“I ended up getting a refund,” he wrote, “but I wanted to spread awareness about this because some people do not have cameras and may not be able to get a refund.”

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