TikToker sparks speculation over insane amount of food she eats for videos

Virginia Glaze
tiktoker babydumpling sparks speculation over food videos

Popular TikToker ‘babydumplingg’ is facing backlash as viewers just can’t believe the amount of food she eats in her viral videos.

Babydumplingg is a fairly prominent creator on TikTok, where she boasts over 1.7 million followers.

Her content mostly consists of videos showing the eye-popping amount of food she eats in a single sitting — from massive McDonald’s orders to feasts of sweets and more, she can certainly put down the vittles (Not going to lie, it’s making us hungry!).

However, babydumplingg’s content differs from that of traditional mukbangers. Rather than live-streaming herself eating all these enormous meals in one continuous broadcast, her videos feature quick cuts from bite to bite, making some viewers speculate that she may not be actually eating as much as she claims.

A few comments taken from her videos are openly accusing her of faking her TikToks, with one user writing: “From now upload a time lapse of you eating the whole lot and then I’ll believe you eat it all.”

“I refuse to believe this is real,” another wrote.

TikToker babydumplingg hits back at rumors she can’t eat huge amounts of food

However, Babydumplingg is putting the rumors to rest. Last month, she uploaded an uncut video of herself to YouTube eating a massive meal from McDonald’s: Three Big Macs, a quarter-pounder with cheese, a cinnamon roll, an order of fries, chicken nuggets, an apple and blueberry pie, three McChickens, and a Sprite.

She got through the entire meal, which she sped up for time’s sake. This isn’t the first time she’s uploaded videos without cuts, either; she also uploaded a TikTok showing herself downing an entire bucket of KFC chicken with no cuts in between.

Some viewers seem to have changed their tune after watching these videos, but unfortunately, it looks like doubters are still creeping into her comments in spite of her best efforts.

This isn’t the only food-related content to spark backlash on TikTok recently; a private chef came under fire after creating a pizza worth $2,000 for one of her seriously rich clients.