TikToker shuts down viral “she’s a 10 but works at Domino’s” meme

Emma Hill
TikToker Taco Samiee in her Domino's uniform and casual wear with TikTok logo

A TikTok creator, who also works at the world-famous fast food chain shut down the “she’s a 10 but…” meme in spectacular fashion, much to the joy of her viewers.

No one could escape the viral ‘She a ten…’ meme when it first started circulating the internet in May 2022. After making its beginnings on TikTok, it spread to Twitter and the rest is history.

However, there were some memes that went a little too far for some. This includes one comment which stated “she’s a ten but she works at Domino’s” implying that working at the pizza spot made women less attractive.

One TikToker completely quashed that theory, proving that her place of work does not diminish her appeal.

Domino’s worker blasts ‘she’s a 10’ meme

On July 30, TikTok creator ‘Taco Samiee‘ posted her response to the viral deprecating meme. She starts off in the video wearing her work uniform and making a slight smirk at the comment left by a viewer from one of her previous TikToks, before wagging her finger.

The clip then cuts as she snaps her fingers to show her at the poolside wearing casual clothing and enjoying the sunshine.

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The video soon went viral picking up 293.3k views as of writing. Fans, including some of her 155K
followers on TikTok, also heaped praise on Taco Samiee for the move.

“Still a 10 where you work don’t change anything,” one viewer added. Another gave her an even higher score on the scale because she “works for her goals and doesn’t just expect them.”

Taco Samiee isn’t the only Domino’s worker to hit it big on TikTok. One creator blew minds after showing a pizza order with $275 worth of added toppings. Then there was another who did everything he could to get himself fired from the chain.