Viral TikTok shows Domino’s worker trying to get himself fired

Sam Comrie
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A Domino’s employee captured their attempts at trying to get fired from their job on TikTok in a series of sabotaging videos on the viral video platform. 

Everyone has found themselves in a job that they dislike but we’ve got all got to put bread on the table, or in this case, pizza. Rather than hand in their notice, TikToker @peter.4pf has taken viewers on a journey as they document various ways they’ve been sabotaging Domino’s in a bid to get fired.

The TikToker’s latest installment to their quest for unemployment sees them damaging pizza boxes, much to the amusement of fellow TikTokers.

an image of dominos on tiktok
The TikToker began a series of videos on April 29 where they attempt to lose their job at Domino’s Pizza.

TikToker films strange methods of “sabotaging” Domino’s pizza

Since April 29 @peter.4pf has chronicled his bizarre adventure, with the first video “day 1 of sabotaging domino’s till I get fired” kicking off the series.

The first video in question shows Peter enacting a rather mundane act of rebellion: using the Domino’s store smartphone to run his TikTok account.

When it came to the second part of this unusual series Peter stepped up his sabotage game by “turning off the ovens during rush.”

Click here if the TikTok doesn’t load

Click here if the TikTok doesn’t load

TikTok commenters have chimed in with their thoughts on Peter’s pranks, with one person saying “nah that’s messed up if I had cold pizza I woulda been mad.”

Commenter @alexbrody added “this ain’t right” while @simp4robertt jokingly pleaded “Peter stop your family misses you.”

Peter has yet to release the third installment of his practical jokes, but it can only be a matter of time before Domino’s takes action.

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