TikToker shows insane 16-inch Domino’s pizza order with $275 worth of toppings

tiktoker dominos pizzaUnsplash / TikTok

A TikTok user has left thousands of users laughing their heads off after ordering a 16-inch pizza at Domino’s with over $275 worth of toppings – but did they actually eat it?

Everybody has their favorite pizza order from Domino’s – some like a deep pan, others opt for thin and crispy. As for the toppings, that’s where customers can get creative.

With a wide variety of options on the menu, often people say things like “I wish I could have everything…”

Well, this TikToker has taken that expression a little too literally.

TikToker stuns Domino’s staff with $275 pizza order

In a short clip posted by user g35ryan, he decides to pull a cheeky prank on the workers of Domino’s Pizza. He shows the order screen which reveals a total bill of $275.09.

The caption of the video says: “These Dominos employees finna regret working here”.

The order consisted of a single 16-inch pizza with 6 different types of sauce, and a ridiculously long list of triple toppings ranging from sausage and bacon to mushroom and pineapple.

Did they actually eat it?

The unusually large pizza has received over 300,000 views and it’s garnered mixed reactions.

One user joked that the order was relatable, commenting “my regular order”. Another user did not see the funny side, commenting “I work in fast food and I would legit cry and scream bro”.

However, the original poster – his real name is Ryan Cook – admitted that he did not actually place the order, but instead was just fooling around for content.

When a user asked him how he could order an excessive amount of toppings in one go, he responded that “it would work probably I didn’t place it cause it would get me in sh*t lol”.

The content creator claimed in another comment that he would try to put the order through the next day, although there have been no follow-ups since then.