TikTok star PinkyDoll “doesn’t care” about backlash over viral NPC streams

Virginia Glaze

TikTok star and OnlyFans creator PinkyDoll is speaking out after her viral streams acting like an ‘NPC’ took social media by storm, sparking backlash from some confused viewers.

TikTok is home to the next big fads and trends that will inevitably take over social media. From popular air-fryer recipes to catchy dance challenges and more, it’s the number one place for content to go viral.

However, the latest trend sweeping across TikTok is confusing some viewers, and it’s often described by netizens using the term ‘NPC,’ or a ‘non-playable character’ in video games.

The trend involves a creator streaming on TikTok, where they can receive gifts like roses and sunglasses. Every time they receive one of these virtual items — which cost real-life money to send — they will act out a pantomime or repeat a phrase depending on the sticker that’s sent to them.

The result is something that is eerily reminiscent of NPCs in video games, who have scripted responses for actions taken by players.

In fact, PinkyDoll (who is largely credited with starting the viral fad) says she was inspired by NPCs from games like Grand Theft Auto. It wasn’t long before a clip from one of her streams went viral on Twitter, sparking a trend that has seen even top-tier influencers like IShowSpeed get in on the action with their own NPC streams.

NPC TikToker PinkyDoll hits back at outrage over viral live streams

Not everyone is here for this latest virtual bandwagon, though. Many netizens have commented on the bizarre nature of these kinds of streams, including famed internet commentator Moist Critikal, who claimed in a recent video that the fad has simply “gone too far.”

PinkyDoll says she makes thousands of dollars per TikTok live stream.

These comments aren’t bothering PinkyDoll, though. The TikToker responded to the backlash against her viral streams in an interview with the New York Times on July 17, where she said she doesn’t care about the negative reaction to her content.

“I don’t really care what people say about me,” she told the Times. “If they want to think I am this or that, it’s fine with me. At the end of the day, I’m winning.”

It’s true; according to PinkyDoll, she’s raking in around $2,000 – $3,000 per TikTok live stream, adding up to $7,000 per day when counting her other revenue streams like OnlyFans.

Other influencers hopping on the NPC stream trend have also reported seeing major earnings, such as one creator who said she raked in a jaw-dropping $700 in just three hours.