Burger King worker splits TikTok after quitting on the spot over customer complaint

TikToker locks delivery driver in gates for refusing to give parcelTIKTOK: kingmade_nuke26

A distressed Burger King worker went viral on TikTok after quitting on the spot after a customer asked for her money back.

In a viral video with almost 2 million views, TikToker kingmade_nuke26 filmed the worker at the register typing in numbers. “Are you happy now?” she asked the customer, as her voice was trembling.

She then looked out at someone past the counter and asked again: “Are you happy? You see how upset I am…coming in here being nasty to me. Oh my God here, take seven dollars…here you know what I don’t even care just take it all.”

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The Burger King employee then slammed the cash on the counter. “Take it the f**k all,” she said, putting the coins on the counter. “Good language, good language,” the customer off-camera told her.

“I quit, I quit lady, I am done I hope you’re happy lady,” the worker said. “I am. I am…I am recording it” the customer filming the encounter responded, as the employee exited the store.

The worker then yelled that she’s going to walk into traffic, shouting while heading out, ripping her Burger King employee shirt off and walking towards a busy road. “Go ahead, go ahead,” the customer told her.

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In a text overlay for the video, the TikToker wrote: “She quit her job because I ask for my money back.”

Meanwhile, the caption of the viral video reads, “I just want everybody to know about the Burger King on Blanding Boulevard in Orange Park took two chicken sandwiches back because they were fried twice and this is the way the manager acted…”

TikTok reacts: “People are so mean”

The vast majoity of TikTok users took to the comments to express sympathy for the employee.

“Dang. I hope she’s ok,” one wrote. “I work in customer service and I understand people are so mean,” another added.

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“The fact the person recording didn’t care breaks my heart man,” a third shared. “I’m also cashier, I feel her problem.”

Some users, however, thought the employee was overreacting.

“And I thought I was dramatic,” one wrote. “Holy f**k the world is so soft,” another commented.

Others criticized the TikToker who filmed the video. “The person recording is 100% a narcissist because like I’d be so concerned for her,” one user added. “This sickens me to the core! The lady recording is wrong af,” someone else wrote.

It’s unknown if the employee has formally quit their job, or if they have since returned to work.

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