TikToker goes viral with “genius” interior design trick for happy marriage

TikTok logo on the right, thefemale13's video on the leftTikTok: The_Female13

A TikToker by the name of The_Female13 has gone viral after uploading a video showing the “genius” interior design trick that keeps her and her husband happy.

With married couples around the world, it’s common that both husband and wife won’t share every single interest with each other.

The husband might enjoy tech while his wife enjoys anime, for example.

TikToker The_Female13 and her husband are one of the millions of couples with differing interests, and she’s gone viral after uploading a video showing how they handle it.

TikToker goes viral with “genius” interior design hack

On October 17, The_Female13 uploaded a video showing how she and her husband keep a “happy marriage.”

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The video begins by showing a living area as she said: “I don’t feel like watching sports…”

Seconds later, it pans over to the other side of the room where it shows her own special living area complete with separate couches, a coffee table, a tv, and more.

With nearly two million views in just a day, viewers flooded the comments with their thoughts.

One user replied: “Genius strategy!”

“That’s a pretty good idea haha but I feel like it would be too much noise having two TVs on at the same time in the same area but a good idea,” another user said.

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A third viewer shared their own separate living setup: “We got 3 TVs set up in our living room. A 65in and 2 30in. We both can do whatever we want at any point in time it’s great honestly.”

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