TikToker goes viral showing Macy’s security in “extreme” altercation with alleged shoplifter

Dylan Horetski
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A TikToker has gone viral after uploading a series of videos revealing two Macy’s security officers attacking a customer who they claimed shoplifted from the store.

Alongside viral dance trends and sound clips on TikTok are popular videos that show a public altercation, prompting thousands of users to flood the comments asking what is going on.

This includes “Karens” ruining wedding photos, TikTokers who couldn’t get their drive-thru order due to workers arguing, and more.

Now, Maraya — who goes by the name marayamashae on TikTok — has gone viral after uploading a video showing two retail store security guards attacking an alleged shoplifter.

TikToker goes viral showing Macy’s security attacking customer

On August 31, Maraya uploaded the video showing two security guards attacking an alleged shoplifter outside of her local Macy’s store.

In the caption, the TikToker explained that she noticed a man screaming while getting kicked and punched, which prompted her to start recording and intervene, calling the police just minutes later.

A uniformed security officer arrived and attempted to pull the alleged shoplifter away as he claimed he legally purchased all of his items.

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In a second video, Maraya explained that loss prevention employees are not legally allowed to place their hands on an alleged shoplifter in any situation, and she reported everything to Macy’s.

She also revealed that once the police arrived at the scene, the man was able to show the receipt proving that he purchased the items he had in his possession.

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Viewers quickly flooded the comments with their thoughts about the situation.

“Loss prevention can’t even approach you out of the store,” one said.

Another user commented: “That man can sue the store for this!! He needs a lawyer.”

While a third user and many others complimented Maraya for intervening: “I’m so glad you were there. You’re a good person for looking out for him. I hope they were fired for kicking & beating this man!!”